Pressure heating up to review status of bump stocks after Vegas shooting


JACKSONVILLE, Onslow County - The National Rifle Association is calling on the Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to review whether bump fire stocks comply with federal law.

Investigators say Las Vegas killer Stephen Paddock used a bump stock to make semi-automatic guns fully automatic. A bump stock isn't too hard to find as we located some for sale in Jacksonville. Sportsman's Lodge has bump stocks on display and on sale for a few hundred dollars.

"Instead of pulling the trigger on your own, it assists you in firing it," said Seth John, manager of the business.

Police found 12 bump stocks attached to the guns used by the Las Vegas shooter. The device is for shooters who want to fire bullets quickly, similar to an automatic weapon. John said it means for someone who wants to spray bullets with little accuracy.

"Really probably to waste ammo, shoot as fast as they can, just because otherwise you can't have anything that would go in a sense full auto," John said.

In a video by Legally Armed America, an AR 15 behaves like a machine gun, firing more rapidly when the bump stock is attached. When it's not attached, it doesn't fire as quickly.

The device is still legal, John said, because it doesn't change how you pull the trigger.

"The way that the ATF puts it is you are still actually pulling the trigger every single time," John said. "Once again, because of how the system works, with you pushing away and the recoil working back against you, your finger is still engaging every single shot."

John said it's unfortunate when tragedies like this happen but it could have happened even without the bump stocks.

"In my opinion anytime there's something like that that happens, it's really if the person wants to do something they're gonna use whatever is easiest and what's at their disposal," John said. "If he's not able to access guns, he could have used other means. It just kind of puts a negative spotlight on the industry."

Slide Fire said on its website bump stocks are meant for physically-challenged sportsman. It also said it has decided to temporarily suspend taking orders for them.