Pitt County Fair comes to a close but the tradition lives on

GREENVILLE, Pitt County - After a successful six day run--the 98th annual Pitt County Fair will only be open for a few more hours. While most people may go to the fair to enjoy the food, the games, or the entertainment--there is much more that goes into it. Take for example the livestock. James Roy and his family have been bringing their 22 animals to the Pitt County Fair for over 20 years. He says that his kids, now 27 and 30, were the ones that became interested in animals through joining the 4H club at their school. Now, they're teaching others. "We look forward to coming here every year and educating the public. Lot of kids don't get to see animals they don't know where their actual food comes from and we like to educate them on that stuff," said Roy. Another part of the fair is the exhibit hall--filled with information about agriculture in North Carolina, including many contest opportunities. Peggy Nelson works mostly with kids and says that the fair has many different teachable moments. "It gets the young people here, especially the children to appreciate a fair, the things that we have that grow here in North Carolina and to work together to create all of this," said Nelson. Organizers said they were pleased by this year's attendance but what made this year special was that its one year closer to having a fair that's been around a century. If you by chanced missed out on the fun this year, don't worry--the Pitt County Fair will be back next September with even more attractions and learning opportunities.