Pirate Fans Hope for More Wins to Help Local Businesses


GREENVILLE, Pitt County - The East Carolina Pirates have had some tough losses this season with an overall record of 2-6. because of this, fewer fans are attending the games, and fewer hotel rooms are getting booked.

Hampton Inn of Greenville was at capacity last night, but General Manager, Virginia Harrell, said, "we're definitely seeing a drop in occupancy where we would normally be sold out."

But that's not slowing down the crowds at one staple in Greenville.

Marilyn Kobelinski is the manager at Sup Dogs. She said that the atmosphere last night during the game, and after, was electric.

That energy paid off in terms of the restaurant's numbers.

"We broke every record we've ever had in how many people have come in, sales, everything, we've had an amazing weekend if you can't tell by everyone around us," said Kobelinski.

Alumni and loyal fans like Shannon and Steve Suttle agree that the homecoming game win was a big step in the right direction, and hope the pirates can finish out the season the same way.

"The fans really needed last night, it was a big win, the stadium was a lot of fun, the crowd was into it so hopefully they'll continue to win for the rest of the season," said Steve.

The Pirates still have two more home games this season.

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