Pine Knoll Shores town officials to supervise trimming near power lines


PINE KNOLL SHORES, Carteret County - Pine Knoll Shores Mayor Ken Jones wants to make sure Carteret-Craven Electric Cooperative is careful when it cuts trees near power lines along Highway 58 in his town.

"Initially, they were going to clear-cut, and you can imagine how popular that idea was," Jones said.

Jones said trees are growing more than they usually do because of a lack of severe weather since the last cut three years ago. In a recent community meeting, representatives from CCEC agreed to make sure their trimmers are supervised by representatives from the town.

"So we're going to have somebody out making sure they're going to do only what they're supposed to do," said Jones.

They're also going to alert property owners before they cut in front of their property.

CCEC spokesperson Lisa Galizia said the cuts are necessary for public and worker safety and to make sure they can provide reliable power.

"We are going to take very, very, very good care to take out only what we need," Galizia said about the trims.

Both parties expect to have the work done by summer.

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