Pine Knoll Shores officials ask public to take precautions during busy holiday


PINE KNOLL SHORES, Carteret County - The Pine Knoll Shores Police Department is expecting thousands of visitors to flock to the Crystal Coast this weekend.

Because of that, crosswalks will be even busier than usual. That means drivers and pedestrians will have to pay extra attention when crossing the streets. "We expect there to be thousands of visitors in the Crystal Coast this weekend," Chief Ryan Thompson with the Pine Knoll Shores Police Department said."With more visitors means more traffic and with more traffic that increases our concern for not only driver safety but for pedestrian safety who are coming to enjoy our beaches." Police are especially concerned about safety at three crosswalks in the town. Lindsey Jones, who just arrived in Pine Knoll Shores, had used the crosswalk at Roosevelt Drive four times already and learned what drivers are allowed to do from signs posted nearby. "It says it's not a law that they have to stop if you're standing at a sidewalk but once you're out on the crosswalk, then they have to stop," Jones said. Thompson said they are paying extra attention to the areas with crosswalks in hopes of avoiding accidents. During Spring Break in April, there were three accidents in a span of a week.

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