Pieces of historic shipwreck now visible on Surf City Beach

Photo credit: Merrilee Moore

SURF CITY, Onslow County - A local piece of history was visible on Surf City Beach Tuesday -- and that's not always the case.

The William H. Sumner ran aground in 1919 near Topsail Island. After the wreck, the remains were covered by years of sand. Every so often, though, the wreck is uncovered -- visible on the Surf City shore.

Locals say you can't really predict when the wreck will appear, but if you're lucky, you might catch it once every year during a low tide. Beachgoers stopped by to observe and snap pictures of the remains throughout the day, in awe of the little piece of history buried underneath their feet.

"It's amazing! I mean I suppose if I was here for a couple weeks we'd see more and more," said frequent visitor Mark Brophy. "I'm sure there's a lot of it that's just buried underneath."

Surf City Beach officials encourage everyone to check out the shipwreck while it's still visible, but urge visitors to leave the site undisturbed.