Pharma company to expand Greenville footprint


GREENVILLE, Pitt County - A major Greenville employer is about to get even bigger.

Patheon Pharmaceuticals recently announced $45 million of new investment - a good chunk of which will be spent in Greenville with a new 4,800 square foot facility that is expected to come online this fall.

"That's what's exciting about Patheon is we're an opportunity to give medicine to our family and friends, our neighbors, who need a quality of life improvement - it's a pretty exciting career to be in," Patheon Greenville vice president and general manager Nick Buschur told NewsChannel 12.

The new facility will help expand the company's packaging and serialization capabilities. The building itself is already in existence - Patheon is renovating an existing structure in its packaging area to take on this expanding role.

Leo Corbin, the president of the Greenville-Pitt County Chamber of Commerce, said the addition Patheon is making can only help as the area continues to grow.

"The importance of continued growth is just that: momentum, and momentum is a positive thing," he said. "Greenville, Pitt County and the eastern region is seeing wonderful success particularly with the pharmaceutical end of the businesses but all across the board."

Patheon, which has 1,200 employees currently at its Greenville campus, was acquired in May by Thermo Fisher in a multi-billion dollar deal.

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