People not taking chances with Hurricane Irma


JAMES CITY, Craven County - Many people remember what Hurricane Matthew did to this part of North Carolina last year. Now, with Hurricane Irma causing death and destruction in the Caribbean islands, people are getting their hurricane kits ready with all the essentials.

Kinston native Billy Forbush, like many others, isn't taking chances with Irma.

"From what they are saying, we are going to catch the east side of the storm so that's the dangerous side of the storm," Forbush said. "Yeah, I'm pretty worried about it."

Forbush is gathering supplies like many others who have their eyes on this storm. One item on his list is a generator. He managed to get the last one at Ace Hardware in James City.

"Been searching everywhere and everybody is sold out and this is the one, we are needing it to keep our refrigerator running," Forbush said.

The manager at Ace Hardware said generators are flying out the door along with other basic supplies.

"We just received a truck in (Wednesday) with a large shipment and we already sold out of a lot of items that we received on the truck, batteries, flashlights, weather radios, bottled water, those type of things are going really quick," said Mike Hendricks, store manager.

For many, it's the first time they've had to deal with the possibility of a storm like Irma.

"New Bern has a lot of people from different parts of the county, so some of them have never experienced a hurricane or a tropical storm for that matter so a lot of them are just being cautious," Hendricks said.

That's why Ace has a handy list to help make sure your hurricane kit is stocked. Once it's stocked and the generator is fueled, the only thing that's left is ...

"Just have to grin and bear it and take whatever comes," Forbush said.