Pediatric patients throw jello to celebrate Child Life Month


GREENVILLE, Pitt County - Pounds of Jello being stuffed into syringes is not the typical sight at a children's hospital on a Tuesday afternoon.

This Jello is not meant to be eaten, but thrown. A dozen pediatric patients got the chance to give the Jello their best throw at the James and Connie Maynard Children's Hospital in Greenville. It's all in celebration of Child Life Month. From pediatric doctors to the president of the hospital, they all dressed the part to help just a few kids have a little fun. "Because I think it's fun and even though we are in a children's hospital we should still be trying to enjoy ourselves especially in a time of grief and illness you can still have fun and enjoy yourself in the grieving process," said Dr. Edward Johnson. Some of the participants say doctors and nurses can instill a fear factor in young patients. So this event gives them the opportunity to break down that fear and relate to them on a fun level.

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