PBS airs 'Raising Bertie' documentary

(IMDB photo)

WINDSOR, Bertie County - A 2016 documentary about three African American boys in Bertie County premiered on PBS Monday.

"Raising Bertie" is about Reginald "Junior" Askew, David "Bud" Perry and Davonte "Dada" Harrell and was filmed over six years. It was first released on May 8. Documentary film maker Margaret Byrne and Kartemquin Films, which made "Hoop Dreams," worked to put it together. It aired for the first time on PBS.

"Before the film was finalized, we traveled to Bertie to show Junior, Bud, Dada and their families the film," Byrne said in an interview with PBS.

"Junior said he couldn't believe how much he'd grown since we had started filming. Bud said he loved everything about the movie, but wished we could have included his prom. Dada said he was proud to have his story out there, because other kids like him can learn from it.

"Most importantly, they each told us that they felt we had told their stories authentically, and captured the essence of their experience growing up in Bertie."

The film is currently available on or you can watch it below.

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