Pamlico County man bitten by Lone Star Tick talks about struggles


ARAPAHOE, Pamlico County - Gary Brinson likes to be outside. But a tick bite he sustained years ago has limited his ability to do that.

Brinson said he started experiencing allergies to red meat and other mammals about 10 years ago. "I would break out with hives and it would overtake my body and it always went to my throat," Brinson said. "I could hardly breathe and I had to make sure I took plenty of Benadryl." His doctor mentioned the Lone Star Tick Disease, which makes you allergic to all kinds of meat except fish and chicken. Brinson said his life hasn't been the same since. "Can't go out to eat, we have to be very careful in the grocery store because of cross contaminations," Brinson said. "We can't go hardly anywhere to eat where we aren't worried."

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