Pamlico County High School makes huge improvements, receives B rating


BAYBORO, Pamlico County - A school in Pamlico County is making huge improvements in a short period of time thanks to their new principal.

Pamlico County High School's academic standards grade was a C when Chris Meadows started. In his first year as principal, the school improved to a B. Now, it's on the verge of receiving an A.

Meadows said the high ratings he's produced come from positive attention to his students.

"The data is important to look at but to me that's a byproduct of treating the kids with love and respect," Meadows said. "If you treat the kid with genuine love and care, the data's gonna be there. They'll want to perform. They want to make you proud, they want to be successful."

Meadows has a history of turning around schools. He's the former principal at Jones Senior High School, where he led them to the school's first B rating in its history.

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