Pamlico County Community College to host business expo and job fair


PAMLICO COUNTY - On Tuesday, September 19, The Spotlight Pamlico Business Expo/Job Fair will be held from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the Delamar Center on the campus of Pamlico Community College.

The press release for the event reads as follows:


This will be the second year that the event has featured a Business Expo and Job Fair occurring simultaneously. Last year's event was very successful and attracted over 450 attendees. For many of these attendees, the event was a chance to get out and have some fun. They were able to sample food from local restaurants while listening to live music played by local musicians. However, many attendees came to the event for a more serious purpose -- to find employment.

This year's event will offer the same opportunity for job seekers: a chance to meet with dozens of businesses and non-profit agencies all under one roof. The potential is there for some job seekers to be interviewed for a job on the spot. It is very important, then, that all job seekers come prepared. A little bit of preparation can make all of the difference.

First, job seekers should make sure that they research the employers that will be present. A list of the employers that are currently registered for the Spotlight Pamlico Business Expo/Job Fair can be obtained at the Pamlico County Career Center. Once job seekers know what employers will be present, they can visit each vendor's websites. The knowledge that the job seeker gains by doing this will help them speak intelligently and confidently with the employer.

Job seekers should also bring resumes with them. Based on the research that they have done, job seekers should target their resumes to each employer for whom they would have an interest in working. This just means that resumes should be written with a specific employer or job in mind. Targeting the resume makes for a bit more work, but the resumes will have much more impact. In addition to the resume, the job seeker should also have samples of work, a list of honors and awards and copies of licenses or certifications. Job seekers can get assistance with writing or updating their resume from the Pamlico County Career Center Manager, Eric Cedars. He can be reached at (252) 745-9934 or

Dressing for the event is also very important. This is another instance in which doing a little research can make a big difference. The rule of thumb is to dress one level better than the normal dress code at the employer's place of business. Whatever that dress code, job seekers should look clean, neat and well groomed. Ripped jeans and dirty t-shirts are never acceptable!

Attendees at the Job Fair should also have a sales pitch ready to go. The sales pitch is a short speech, generally no more than 15 seconds long, during which the job seekers introduce themselves to the employer. The sales pitch should include the job seeker's name, their profession or occupation, their skills, experience and accomplishments. Job seekers should include only information that is relevant to the employer with whom they are speaking.

Because the Job Fair could lead immediately into an interview, job seekers should be ready to answer a few questions about themselves. Some typical interview questions are "Can you tell me a little about yourself", "What are your skills and abilities?", and "What do you know about our company/agency", "Why do you want to work for us" and "What is your greatest accomplishment". An interview is a two way street, so job seekers should have questions ready for the employers. Some good questions are "Could you describe the ideal candidate?", "What is a typical day like for someone who works with your company/agency" and "What are the challenges a new hire will face". If the interview does not happen on the spot, job seekers should be sure to ask to schedule an interview.

Finally, job seekers should be prepared to relax and enjoy themselves. A Job Fair does not always lead to a job offer, but at the Spotlight Pamlico Business Expo/Job Fair, there will be good food and good music.

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