Overnight fire destroys much of historic Beaufort motel

(Beaufort Fire Department drone photo)

BEAUFORT, Carteret County - An overnight fire destroyed much of a historic Carteret County lodge Sunday night.

Fire officials say the call came in around 9:30 p.m. on Sunday for a fire at the Core Creek Lodge in Beaufort. Crews from multiple agencies responded to the fire, which officials say started in the attic.

"The code now would ordinarily make you put a fire break in the attic at certain intervals," Town of Beaufort Fire Department Assistant Chief Richard Lovick said. "This is an older building and it was common all the way through, so it just raced through the attic."

There were multiple short- and long-term guests staying at the lodge, which first opened in 1962, but fire officials said everyone managed to get out without injury.

Getting water to fight the blaze was initially an issue, so firefighters drew water directly from Core Creek to help in fighting the fire.

"I showed up probably 10 minutes later and we already had flames coming through the roof," Assistant Chief Lovick said.

The lodge owner found arrangements for those staying at the lodge in the short term, while the local chapter of the American Red Cross is working to secure arrangement beyond that.

"These are big fires, they are kind of rare, I mean, I've seen several but you just don't see these everyday," Assistant Chief Lovick said.

The Carteret County Fire Marshal's Office said they will be using a drone on Monday to get a better look at the damage in helping understand what might have started the blaze.

"It's still too early to tell [the cause]," Assistant Chief Lovick said. "Right now, the county Fire Marshal Eddie Lewis is going to be working on it. I'll help him out as he best needs and I'm sure we can come to some sort of agreement on it."

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