Organization delivers care packages to spouses of military members


JACKSONVILLE, Onslow County - The Support Military Spouses made the first stop on its five-stop tour in Jacksonville on Tuesday.

The organization handed out more than 250 care packages to military spouses locally.

"Many people don't realize the sacrifices they make on the homefront," SMS founder Diane Rumley said. "They're actually enlisting right alongside. Their name is on the dotted line, too, invisibly. They suffer, they move, they get away from their friends, from their family."

Rumley founded the Apex-based organization eight years ago and does a tour twice annually, handing out care packages in multiple areas. The organization will pass the 50,000 care packages delivered threshold later this year.

"It means a lot," military spouse Crystal De La Cruz said. "I absolutely love being recognized as a military spouse. I think it is great that they're doing this."

The gesture means a lot - particularly for those whose spouses are currently deployed.

"We do get overlooked a lot," military spouse Kathleen Smith said. "You know, yes there are benefits from being in the military but there are a lot of struggles.

"I'm basically a single parent because he's deployed."

The five-stop tour continues in Fayetteville on Friday.

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