'Operation Veggie Box' helping families in need


ARAPAHOE, Pamlico County - The fourth annual Operation Veggie Box is underway and many families in need will have fresh vegetables on their table.

In Arapahoe Friday morning, dozens of volunteers were out early, picking ears of corn in the fields of Don Lee Farms. This is part of the fourth annual Corn Jam, where volunteers picked roughly 12,000 ears of corn that then gets packaged up by other volunteers through Operation Veggie Box.

"Hunger is a real issue and there is statistics out there where kids don't have a enough food to eat, the elderly do not have enough food to eat and so this box of vegetables will provide some nutrition for those folks," organizer David Bailey said.

Some of the volunteers, like Cherry Point Marine Christopher Myer, know firsthand what it's like not to know where your next meal is coming from.

"When we got a new box of food we would always say 'ohh what did we get this time,'" said Myer, who said he was homeless at one point in his youth. "I've been there and I know what to do. You've got to work for it and help others, then others will help you.

Bailey said the corn was put together with other vegetables to make up about 2,000 18-pound boxes that get a spiritual message put in each and then are delivered with the assistance of area food banks.

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