Onslow County Schools discuss facing capacity issues


RICHLANDS, Onslow County - The school board in Onslow County held a special meeting on Thursday to discuss capacity issues some of its schools are facing.

Chief of Operations, Steve Myers, said that the Onslow County school system usually gets anywhere between 300 and 400 new students each year. At present, the Richlands and Dixon areas have the greatest capacity needs.

"We're probably seven to eight schools behind in building," Pam Thomas, Chairman of the Onslow County Board of Education, said. "We hope that as we work together with our partnership with our county commissioners that we will be able to at least keep on track and maybe build two to three schools in the next five or six years."

The next school opening in Onslow County is an elementary school in Richlands. The district plans to have it operating by August 2018.

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