Suspect in Onslow County high-speed chase has bond revoked, new bond set

(N.C. Highway Patrol photo)

JACKSONVILLE, Onslow County - Logan Matthew Guy, the suspect involved in Saturday's high-speed chase in Onslow County, was back in jail after his bond was revoked.

Guy was arrested Saturday after a high-speed chase that ended when N.C. Highway Patrol Trooper A.R. Juliano used his car to stop Guy's vehicle, which was traveling around 120 mph. The front half of Juliano's car was severely damaged but the trooper wasn't badly hurt.

NewsChannel 12's Nicole Ford reports Guy was in jail under a $15,000 bond, which he made. He was back in court Thursday and had his bond revoked. He is now in jail under a $500,000 bond.

Additional photos of Juliano's vehicle have been released.



A photo has been released of the State Trooper vehicle involved in a high-speed chase in Onslow County last weekend.

The photo shows the front of the car completely destroyed all the way to the front passenger seats.Trooper A.R. Juliano used his own car to stop the suspect, who was driving around 120 mph, according to officials.

Juliano was sent to the hospital with minor injuries, treated and released.



A car chase in Onslow County late Saturday night ended with a state trooper's car being hit.

The chase started by Swansboro Police after a suspect was speeding on Hwy. 17 from Belgrade to Jacksonville. Trooper A.R. Juliano from Jacksonville joined the chase and eventually used his own car to stop the suspect's vehicle.

But because the suspect's car was going too fast and was headed down the wrong side of the divided highway, both cars went off the highway to opposite sides.

Logan Matthew Guy, 30, of Jacksonville was charged with felony speeding to allude arrest and driving while impaired. He was not injured.

Juliano was taken to Onslow Memorial Hospital where he was treated and released for minor injuries.

NewsChannel 12's Nicole Ford contributed to this story.

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