Only Known Survivor Speaks Out About Capsized Boat


NEWPORT, Carteret County - A man is home safe with his family after the boat he was driving capsized off Bogue Inlet - leaving him clinging to the side until the Coast Guard was able to rescue him early this morning.

Mike Beach said it happed around 2 PM Friday afternoon after the Skiff motor boat that was carrying three men hit a wave. The men were on a recreational fishing trip when this happened.

"I was on the boat and they were on the life preserver and we talked back and forth and finally got a hand wave from one of the guys so when we separated everything was fine. So I'm hoping for the best," said Mike Beach.

Beach said that even though the winds were cold, the water kept him warm.

A helicopter rescued Beach and brought him to Michael J. Smith Field Airport where he was checked out by EMS. Beach did not sustain any injuries other than minor bruising.

"Well I'm not one for getting scared or panicking, I just react to the situation," said Beach.

As of now, the Coast Guard is still searching for the other two men that were on that boat.

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