Ocracoke teacher's 'Everybody Read Now' YouTube video goes viral

(YouTube photo)

OCRACOKE, Hyde County - One Ocracoke Island teacher's idea to promote reading is catching a lot of buzz on the internet.

Claire Ross is a third-grade teacher at Ocracoke School. The teacher made a fun video called "Everybody Read Now" that goes in beat to the famous song "Everybody Dance Now." The video uses a fun and interesting way -- a music video -- to encourage her students and those who watch the video the importance of reading. After the first take didn't quite meet her standards, Ross got some help from a rap artist who is a friend from high school. The former Chapel Hill kindergarten teacher got the help from her friend with new lyrics then began shooting the video. "I moved to Ocracoke Island last summer after teaching in Chapel Hill for eight years," Ross said in an email. "I love my job and my students and wanted to write a song and make a movie about reading. I wanted to feature my amazing students and my fun, supportive colleagues, too. "Thanks to the help of two talented friends, we were able to work together to create 'Everybody Read Now.' My friend, Carl Ross, wrote and performed the song while another friend, Paige Harper performed the vocals. "Reading is cool. Learning is cool. School is cool. I am so proud and thankful for my school, my colleagues and my students. They helped me have an amazing year in a new place and I am so excited about what we can do together next year. I am proud to be a NC public school teacher. Ocracoke School is an amazing place to be." Click below to watch the video.

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