NWS: Rip current threat remains high on Friday


MOREHEAD CITY, Carteret County - The National Weather Service is issuing another warning regarding rip currents for Friday.

In a tweet from the office in Newport/Morehead City, the NWS said there's a high risk of rip currents from Bogue Inlet to Cap Hatteras and a moderate threat from Duck to Hatteras and from Bogue Inlet to Surf City.

Friday will be the eighth straight day a rip current advisory has been issued.

The NWS also said long-period swell energy is diminishing but there should be a stronger onshore southwesterly wind with a low tide occurring midday. Those conditions will contribute to the higher-than-normal rip current risk.

Eastern North Carolina has experienced increased rip current dangers for a good portion of the month of June. We continue to alert you to just how dangerous and deadly these conditions can be so you and your loved ones stay safe at the beach.

To stay safe at the beach, stand at an elevated position along the shore. Stand close to a sand dune or beach access to spot a rip current. If you see an area where waves aren't breaking or if there is foam on the water being pulled away from the shore, that's a good indicator a rip current is present.

Also, do not panic in a rip current or try to fight the flow. A rip current doesn't pull you underwater it pulls you away from the shore. Focus on swimming parallel to the shore.

A red flag signals a swimming hazard and instructs beach goers to stay out of the water. Be on the look out for the flag signals.

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