No parking allowed on Greenville's Signature Drive


GREENVILLE, Pitt County - Signs are up on Signature Road in Greenville reading "no parking" and "towing enforced." There are also flyers on the windshields of the vehicles still parked along the road.

Greenville Police announced Friday that parking would no longer be allowed along the road from Charles Boulevard to the dead end. Residents in the area say this is a long time coming.

Temeka Jones said during the last five years the volume of cars lining the road has increased. She said not only are these cars blocking traffic but since they arrived, she says crime has become more prevalent.

"I have seen two vehicles, their windshields, hoods and headlights spray painted, one had 'go home' on it. I have seen four or five cars with their windows busted. I've seen tires cut," Jones said.

Other residents agree these regulations are needed. One resident told NewsChannel 12 aside from the crime, the amount of trash and litter left in residents' yards and along the streets is disappointing to see as a homeowner.

There is a two-week educational period, but that ends March 31. Then there will be a warning period through mid-April and tickets will start being handed out starting April 17.

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