News about DACA has immigrant living in New Bern concerned

Ivan Corona

NEW BERN, Craven County - Ivan Corona of New Bern just picked up his green card two weeks ago.

While he's counting down to the day, two years from now, when he gets his U.S. citizenship, recent news about DACA concerns him. Sunday night, the White House released an aggressive list of demands for any deal to protect young undocumented immigrants under DACA.

Corona, 26, has his own business, is married with a baby on the way. It's a life that began with a very long journey when he was just nine.

"We left on a bus and then from Mexico we moved to Texas," Corona said. "We lived there for six months and then came to North Carolina.

"I don't remember much of it. I was very young and didn't think much of it -- i just thought we were moving."

He moved through the Craven County School system unaware of his status until time for college. That's when he said he was told.

"We don't let people who are undocumented or don't have social security numbers enroll in college," Corona said. I had everything planned out as to what I wanted to do with my life but for someone to tell you that you may not be able to do that ... I was broken."

The DREAM Act was set up in 2012 by President Obama. With the Trump Administration announcing plans to end DACA, about 800,000 people like Corona have their dreams hanging in the balance.

"I agree that the immigration system is broken, it is flawed and I think people who are here illegally and committing crimes should be sent away," Corona said.

He also believes DACA shouldn't be lumped in.

"We have nothing but good intentions, so it's kinda hard to see that we are being targeted," Corona said.

Corona's three siblings were all born in the U.S. and his wife is also a native-born American. He said New Bern is the only home he knows and can't imaging life anywhere else outside the U.S.