New monument dedicated at Lejeune Memorial Gardens


JACKSONVILLE, Onslow County - A memorial to honor those who lost their lives while serving as Marine Corps Interrogator Translators was dedicated on Thursday at Lejeune Memorial Gardens in Jacksonville.

The specialty job was dissolved in 2003 but for those who either worked in or knew those who were a part of the program, seeing the monument dedication was very special. "This is here for them it's not here for us," said Harry J. Todd Jr., a former commander within the group. "This is for them, because they don't exist anymore and our job doesn't exist anymore and we just want people to know that yeah we were here." Todd said the road to the monument was a long one. Their original plan was to put the monument at Quantico, Va. When donations feel through, they had to regroup. That's when the Museum of the Marines stepped in. "The Museum of the Marines came to our rescue and said, 'look we're building a museum down in Camp Lejeune.' So we all said 'well we can't any longer put it at Quantico. Let's ask these folks." "They accepted us like brothers and said 'do so!' And that was really more than fitting because Camp Lejeune was the birthplace of our organization - of our MOS specialty." The monument is in the same area where the future Museum of the Marine is set to be built. NewsChannel 12 is a proud supporter of our military and the museum that's being built. You can go to our website and click here to see and hear more stories.

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