New intersection project leaves residents questioning NCDOT

(Photo: Nate Belt)

CAPE CARTERET, Carteret County - Representatives from the Department of Transportation are answering questions about a new traffic project in Cape Carteret tonight.

A new intersection proposal has left many local residents with questions, which is why representatives decided to meet to discuss them.

The intersection in question is of Highways 24 and 58, where congestion seems to be a major problem. The new project would add additional turn lanes and extend current ones to help improve traffic flow.

"Especially at Fourth of July, those really busy peak times during the summer, it can be an issue out there," Zach Steffey, the town administrator, said. "We can get some extensive back up there on 58 and 24 as well."

Those peak times are a huge topic of conversation amongst Cape Carteret natives. Many are curious as to what this new project entails.

"You know it has been a problem, but the problem is principally six to eight weeks during the summer," Miles King, a resident, said.

King attended the information meeting to learn more about the project. He thinks it won't have much of an impact on long-time residents.

"I've been down here 20 years and I make sure I don't have to go any place on Saturdays or Sundays when all this problem occurs," King said. "We're all pretty much used to it and live with it."

One point of concern for Steffey is the bridge to Emerald Isle. Tulhe Road condenses into one lane before the crossing, and he wonders if adding more traffic to fit into one lane could become an issue.

If you have any questions, the meeting is open until 7 p.m. on Tuesday, November 7. It is at the Cape Carteret Aquatic and Wellness Center.

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