New Bern woman thankful for gift of kidney from husband


NEW BERN, Craven County - A New Bern woman in need of kidney transplant didn't have to look far for help.

She received a kidney from her husband. Angie Jones has Polycystic kidney disease and said she got very sick last year. It's an inherited disorder that requires dialysis, which she had for the first time in early September.

At that point, she knew she had to have a kidney transplant.

"I had a couple of people offer me a kidney but they weren't able to," Jones said. "My sister-in-law and my sister.

Little did she know her perfect match was sitting right beside her for 20 years. Without telling Angie, her husband, Carlton Jones Jr., decided to get tested.

He was a perfect match.

"I was in the hospital (last week), I just had surgery and I just started crying and all the nurses at the hospital started crying," Angie said. "Everybody thought it was so amazing."

Angie admits she didn't want her husband to give his kidney away because she said she couldn't bear to watch the love of her life in pain. But Carlton knew it was worth it.

"I was having a good feeling about it and I just wanted to help my wife out and get her back to work and get her going again," Carlton said.

Getting going again is exactly what both are doing. Since the surgery, these two haven't missed a beat.

"The doctor said that they've never done this good before but everybody has been praying for us and taking really good care of us so we definitely feel the love," Angie said.

Both joke they believe their new-found energy has to do with the great pain medicine. But they know for sure one thing, this is the best give they could have received during the holiday season.

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