New Bern woman shares story to remind people to pay attention while shopping


NEW BERN, Craven County - UPDATE: Nicole Duffy said the woman who stole her wallet has been taken into custody by New Bern Police.


While you may be shopping this holiday season, keep in mind not everyone is out for the right reasons.

Nicole Duffy said a quick grocery trip to her Neighborhood Walmart in New Bern on Tuesday has now put a dent in her holiday season. Within seconds, she said a woman made off with her wallet.

"I feel fearful and I feel like I've been violated," Duffy said.

Duffy said the woman was behind her and started acting a little off. When she turned around, her wallet was gone.

"And, all of a sudden, her cart tapped into mine and she took off running (with Duffy's wallet)," Duffy said.

Also watching this all play out was Duffy's 6-year-old son, Bryce. He was able to help point out the suspect on surveillance video when police arrived.

"I saw her run behind all the cash registers and everyone went running at her," Bryce Swift said.

But Duffy said it didn't stop there. The suspect came to the bigger Walmart in New Bern where Duffy said she started using her credit cards.

Duffy said she is hoping getting the word out and posts on social media of the suspect's photo shared more than 300 times will help catch her.

"The word is out, I have had like 40 people message me saying they know exactly who she is," Duffy said.

And she hopes her story will remind people to be more aware while shopping this holiday.

"Do not leave your pocket book even if it's right beside in the cart," Duffy said. "I generally just put my check card and ID in my pocket but (Tuesday), I didn't and you see where that got me."

Experts say women should wear a purse with a strap going across their chest rather than on their shoulder. Men are told to keep their wallet in their front pockets.

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