New Bern Police beefing up holiday patrol by offering home checks

(Nicole Griffin, NewsChannel 12 photo)

NEW BERN, Craven County - The New Bern Police Department is giving the gift of peace of mind this holiday season.

If you are going out of town for the holidays and want to make sure your home is safe, New Bern Police officers are here to help. All you have to do is give them information about your home and officers will pay close attention to your property while you are away.

New Bern Police will ask for some specifics such as how many cars should be in your driveway, how many lights you'll leave on and other information. As officers drive by, they are able to see that everything looks as it should.

Officers can also get out of their car and check your doors, look for smashed windows and make sure your home is secure overall. New Bern Police said it is a service that not only helps you but the police as well.

"It makes our job a lot easier because we know where there are homes that are going to be vacant for a little while," said Sgt. Shelton Brown. "It helps us prevent home burglaries or home break-ins because we are providing extra patrols to that residence."

Police also offer this service when you're on vacation but it's most popular during Christmas and the summer.

"Usually when people go on vacation, we make sure their front doors are locked, make sure their windows are still intact, there's no broken windows, no broken glass, anything like that," Brown said.

It's something New Bern residents such as Emily Genest are thankful to have.

"I think its really great, I think it makes me feel safer but it also makes me feel better for my neighbors because we look out for each other but there is only so much we can do so having the extra help is always appreciated," Genest said.

Officers recommend if you're heading out of town for Christmas, make sure your doors are locked, windows are closed and you leave a light on in your home. The service is completely free to anyone who lives in the New Bern city limits.

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