New Bern native talks about being in Vegas shooting

Curtis Leoni (Adaure Achumba, NewsChannel 12 photo)

NEW BERN, Craven County - "I still have some pain in the area of the gunshot wound, but overall, I feel pretty good.," said Curtis Leoni.

Leoni, a New Bern native, was one of the victims in the Las Vegas shooting on Oct. 1. The Colorado law enforcement officer, who's been on the job for 22 years, was one of more than 500 victims injured in the mass shooting. Leoni and his girlfriend were attending the Jason Aldean concert when the shooting happened, killing 58 people.

Leoni was released from the hospital last Friday and flew home from Colorado.

"It was awesome. Just hugs and kisses," Leoni said. "I am doing well today. I have some nerve pain in my foot, which I think is a good thing. Maybe some of the feeling is starting to come back."

Leoni said he's taking a lot of pain medication and getting therapy. He doesn't watch the news coverage because the images of what happened are still too traumatic for him. Emotions about the shooting also come back.

"I have moments of anger, I have moments when I cry for no particular reason, I think I am still trying to sort it all out and decompress a little bit," Leoni said.

His parents find it all hard to believe, too.

"You have moments when you just fill up because it could have been a different way and you can't forget that," said Martha Leoni, Curtis' mother.

"i still have to compose myself and carry on so I can talk through the tears, but they are happy tears," said Dennis Leoni, Curtis, father.

The family said this past week has been a jolt, but messages of concern from all over the country, especially here in New Bern, have helped them through the pain.

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