New Bern man talks about experiencing chaos of Vegas shooting


LAS VEGAS - Ronald Rinehart has been to Las Vegas eight or nine times. But the New Bern resident said what he saw Sunday night and Monday morning is something he'll never forget.

Rinehart said Vegas was bustling with people on Sunday. Monday, it was eerily quite in the wake of the tragedy. He was staying in the Tropicana Hotel with his wife, just two blocks from the Mandalay Bay. Monday, he was able to see where the shooter busted out the windows of the hotel.

"When we were walking to breakfast, you can just look at people and you know, nobody is talking," Rinehart said. "Everybody's just so quiet. You can just tell everybody is just so sad about what happened."

He said he'll carry horrific images with him for the rest of his life.

"Last night, we could hear the music blasting from our room and we thought that there was fireworks or something afterwards and all the sudden the music went," Rinehart said. "And we went outside and there was mass hysteria going on and a lot of the people, they were just running all over the place from the concert, trying to seek refuge.

"A lot of them came into our hotel here and you could tell they were in shock. Some of them were bleeding, it was just a bad scene."

Rinehart said they were confined to their hotel when they woke up Monday morning but were eventually allowed to go outside. He also said there was still a heavy police presence along the strip.

The couple plan to leave Vegas Tuesday.

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