New Bern clock tower renovations complete


NEW BERN, Craven County - If you've been in downtown New Bern anytime since June, you probably noticed construction going on around city hall.

The renovations are finally complete and City Hall's clock tower looks better than ever.

"It is a focal point of New Bern," said Matt Montanye, Director of New Bern Public Works. As you come across the high rise bridge, you can see the lights of the clock tower, you can see the time, and its just a big part of history."

There were also repairs to the roof and new black paint was touched up to the clock face. The overall cost was about $135,000. Now it looks like it's 1911 all over again, which is when the clock tower was added to the building. The city hall building was opened in 1897.

"During Hurricane Matthew a little over a year ago, we ran into the fact that we lost several shingles and had some water damages on the roof of city hall," Montanye said. "We've just now come back and completed that project, where we've gone and taken all the old shingles off."

Prior to becoming City Hall, the building served as a post office, courthouse and a customs house. The renovations are complete for now but a potential plan to replace the clock mechanisms entirely is in the works.

"It was put in in the early 1900s, so they've somewhat started to wear out, the parts have become obsolete, its hard to find replacement parts whenever we have issues," Montanye said.

Below is a bird's eye view of what it looks like from the top of the clock tower. It's a 360 camera view we took earlier Thursday.

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