Neglected dog getting second chance from supporters of anti-tethering

(Nicole Griffin/NewsChannel 12 photos)

NEW BERN, Craven County - A neglected dog is getting a new chance at life after being adopted by two supporters of the anti-tethering petition in Craven County.

Ubu, formerly known as Grover, was found on a porch in New Bern. The person that found the dog took him to a shelter, where he was then taken to the Austin Veterinary Clinic in Beaufort.

When Ubu arrived at the clinic, veterinary technicians say he was in bad shape. He had a severe gash in his neck from an imbedded collar and his belly was full of bones and other garbage.

"He had an open wound encapsulating his whole neck in a circle from where there was some type of rope, collar, something in there," said Sarah Durham, a veterinary technician that worked with Ubu.

While the vet could not determine exactly what caused the collar to fuse to the dog's skin, his new owners say they are sure it is a result of tethering.

"He was chained, tethered to a tree, he was starving, somehow he may have gotten lose from the weight that he lost and he somehow ended up on a lady's porch in Craven county," said Nancy Daniels, Ubu's new owner.

The Daniels have signed a petition to stop tethering in Craven county and hope it gets more attention from county commissioners.

Click here to see the petition and to read more about it.

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