N.C. Seafood Festival kicks off with food and fun


MOREHEAD CITY, Carteret County - The North Carolina Seafood Festival kicked off at noon on Friday with lots of food, fun and familiar faces.

All of Morehead City smells like delicious seafood, from shrimp, fish, crab and more. There's games, rides and other attractions, too.

A familiar location is the United Methodist Church booth from Havelock. The shrimp and scallops are definitely worth a try and they know what they are doing with this year's festival marking the 15th straight year of activity.

"We do have a lot of people who come up and say 'oh I ate here last year' and 'I'm glad to see you back' and 'I love your food'," said Cherrie Sanders, treasurer for the church.

The Havelock-based church comes back each year to raise money for missions. Sanders loves the personal atmosphere that the festival brings each year.

"You get to meet a lot of people," Sanders said. "If you don't know their names you know their faces. They come by and they say 'oh it was great' and 'you remember that, that was your customer you waited on you know?'

"We're just out in the outdoors, advertising our church and selling a good product"

The festival is a yearly tradition for many who always come back to their favorite places from years past.

"A lot of our vendors are here year after year and so people who come to the festival annually know to look for those vendors and they have a lot of the products from their seafood dishes to a lot of art that they create," said Jenn Williams, Marketing Coordinator for the Seafood Festival.

You can also try new things like one of the 50 brews on tap at Port of Pours.

"It's a craft beer event, RA Jefferies has a very large portfolio of not only North Carolina beers but also large regional beers," said Laura Moseley, Marketing Director for RA Jefferies.

Whether you want something new or just want to return to your old favorites, the North Carolina Seafood Festival has it all for you this weekend.

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