Mother wants to find person who helped save children's lives at beach


JACKSONVILLE, Onslow County - It's a harrowing story.

A mother sees her two children in the water at Onslow Beach last month. They need help after being caught up in a rip current. Three men jump in help save both but the mother only gets to thank two of them. She's looking for the third man who helped to do the same. Kimberly Galvan is that mother. She said three people helped save her son Ryan and daughter Mya when they were in danger.

"The kids are just like 'well we're gonna go and play in the water'," Galvan said. "My husband turned around to go look and they weren't there. And finally we just, it hit us like 'crap, there something's wrong'." "I started running towards them and I guess what was going through my head was 'how am I gonna get all three of them?' Cuz I saw three heads bobbing out there in the water," said Frank Galvan, the father. One of the men who came to help was an elderly man keeping the two children above water. But the Galvans said he was running out of strength. "Next thing I know, two people start running with me," Kimberly Galvan said. "My husband gets to my daughter and my daughter's like 'no get Ryan! Get Ryan!'" "We were swimming, screaming. I could barely breathe," said Ryan. "He was at that moment that... 'I'm not gonna make it.' That's how he felt. A 12-year-old feeling like he wasn't gonna make it," Kimberly Galvan said. "And another man came right behind him so he grabbed my son and pushed my son to this other gentleman. "The other gentleman that came out unexpectedly, had a boogie board so he was able to get the boogie board to my daughter." After making it to shore, Kimberly said she looked around to thank the unexpected helpers but they weren't there. She followed some footsteps and was able to track down and thank two of the men but not the one who had the boogie board. She hopes by getting the word out, she'll be able to find him and thank him personally for saving her children's lives. Kimberly Galvan said the mystery man is middle-aged, possibly with a goatee.

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