Mother of two addicts talks about fears they may die


BEAUFORT, Carteret County - Stephanie Fulcher lives in constant fear that both of her heroine-addicted sons may not make it through the day.

So many families have someone who deals with addiction. Thursday is International Overdose Awareness Day, which brings attention to the surging problem of addiction, opoids and other drugs. "I came out of my room and my sons were laying on my back deck," Fulcher said about one time when she found her youngest son had overdosed. "He's not breathing. I was in such shock I couldn't touch him. I couldn't touch my baby because if I touched my baby that means it was real." Both of Fulcher's sons have spent time in prison for heroin use. She said she spends each day wondering if she will ever hear from them again. "I'm scared to death I'm going to get that next phone call and they're going to tell me that there's nothing more they can do," Fulcher said. "And that's my biggest fear because my boys are worth saving." Because of those overdoses, Fulcher carries Narcan with her at all times. It's an injection used to revive overdose victims. She said each time it happens, people question why she continues to help her sons. Her answer? They'll always be her children. "People make bad choices," Fulcher said. "That doesn't mean that we shouldn't lend a hand and be compassionate." Fulcher hopes her story will inspire others going through similar situations to know they aren't alone. She operates a Facebook page encouraging family members of people dealing with addition to come together and share ideas for helping their loved ones.

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