Mother (age 94) and daughter (67) making impact at Senior Olympics


ORIENTAL, Pamlico County - Age is just a number for these Senior Olympians.

If you live in Pamlico County, you likely know about Fay and Irma Bond. They are very involved in their community, but their passion is for fitness. That passion is getting national recognition.

Irma has been involved with the Senior Games for 12 years. She holds four state records: three in the running long jump and one in the 200-meter dash. Five years ago, she got her mom involved after discovering in an unusual way she was cut out for it, too.

"When my husband died, I had to step across the ditch to get to his grave at the cemetery," Fay Bond said. "My daughter said 'Oh mama! You can be in the Senior Olympics.' I said 'Doing what?' She said the running broad jump."

Faye stays busy all year leading five different classes at the Oriental Fitness Center. A national committee selected 15 people out of thousands across the U.S. to be named Humana Game Changer Athletes. both received the honor.

"We like to identify people that set an example for the rest of us to follow and to motivate us to do better in our lives," Humana spokesperson John Flowe said. "And that's what game changers are: someone who changes the game. Who gets other people excited and other people involved. Cuz they're gonna do it no matter what."

The two ladies will be participating in the National Senior Games in June in Birmingham, Ala.

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