Morehead City mother upset after daughter gets black eye, concussion on bus


MOREHEAD CITY, Carteret County - A Morehead City mother is not happy after her daughter came off the school bus recently with a black eye and concussion.

Vivian Aubel, 11, got the black eye and concussion after she said she was hit by a water bottle a few weeks ago after coming home on the bus from Morehead City Middle School. She said other students started throwing full water bottles at kids and she was hit near her eye. She also said she blacked out for a second and was bleeding after being hit.

Aubel said the bus driver yelled at the students to stop but did not pull over to check on her. Aubel then said a friend convinced her to get off at her bus stop so she could get medical attention.

It's against school policy to get off at any stop besides their own without the principal or a designated guardians' permission.

Vivian's mother, Claire, is not happy with what happened and how it was handled.

"I think that it just brings to light that there are some safety issues that need to be reviewed because this was a circumstance where she was getting off and somebody was helping her," Claire Aubel said. "But there could have been a circumstance where a child got off a bus where they shouldn't get off and they could be in a dangerous situation."

When asked for a comment, the Carteret County Schools system said in a prepared statement:

"The safety of students and drivers on school buses is very important. The code of student conduct applies to students riding the school bus, just as it applies to students in our schools. Any actions that violate that code are handled based on policy. Student disciplinary actions are confidential."