Morehead City boy's talents gaining national attention


MOREHEAD CITY, Carteret County - A local fourth-grader and his talents are going viral.

Kurtis Garcia is a self-taught 10-year-old musician from Morehead City. You can find him playing sometimes in the park there. That's where a chance encounter with a stranger made him a sensation on the internet.

"I hear this beautiful voice and this awesome ukulele sound and I just had to sit there doing my yoga poses watching him," Teresa Shaw said.

When Shaw heard Kurtis playing and posted the video to Facebook, it started getting likes and shares in minutes, climbing to more than a thousand. And it just continued to get more attention.

"I just thought it was going to be a video where 10 people saw it and it was done," Garcia said.

Garcia picked up a ukulele for the first time about four months ago and fell in love instantly. Now that he has one of his own, he said he'll continue to chase his dreams.

"I feel older, I feel more mature, even though I act immature sometimes," Garcia said.

You can watch him perform at the Beaufort Farmers Market on June 24, watch the attached video or go to his YouTube page.