More reports of fake money circulating in ENC


VANCEBORO, New Bern - After a couple of reports of fake money showing up in places like Carteret County, another report from Vanceboro has citizens practicing caution.

Authorities in Vanceboro has put businesses on notice after someone tried to pass fake money around there Vanceboro Police say this case is an isolated incident but they want business owners to take precaution so they don't fall victim. "Today we were notified to check everything but $1 bills," said Kate Johnson, who works at the ABC Store in Vanceboro. An alert was posted on the Vanceboro Police Department's Facebook page about the fake money changing hands in the Vanceboro area. It warns people to make sure you're giving out real money and getting it in return.

Two weeks ago, the Carteret County Sheriff's Office issued a similar warning after a phony $100 bill ended up in the register of a business in Newport. Those bills had "FOR MOTION PICTURE USE ONLY" boldly stamped on it. "We're diligent about checking the bills," Johnson said. "Hopefully you are checking it well enough not to get in that situation."