Investigation continues into home hit by bullets


HUBERT, Onslow County - A mobile home in Hubert now has several bullet holes after a late night shooting.

The Onslow County Sheriff's Office received a call a little after midnight Sunday about a shooting on Rig Road, said Colonel Worrell. A deputy and the CSI Unit went out to the scene where they found the house was shot at six times.

"Alycia" (we are not using her real name to protect her identity) said someone fired six shots into her home, including into her daughter's bedroom.

"So the bullet here went out into the kitchen area and right through above the stove," she said while describing the bullet holes. "The bullet here was not found, none of the bullets were found anywhere in the home, only one in the child's bedroom.

"This one over here came through and hit the refrigerator door and they believe the bullet is in the actual refrigerator door."

"Alycia" said she and her daughter, who only moved into the home a few days earlier, were in another room when the shooting happened and were lucky they weren't hit. A maintenance crew was fixing the damage on Monday, cleaning up the broken glass from the shots fired. "Alycia" said the ordeal has forced them to make the move away from here permanently.

"May be somebody was after somebody who previously lived here or may be it was a case of they got the house wrong and meant it to be for somebody else's house but I just know it wasn't for me," she said.

There are no suspects at this time, according to Worrell.

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