Missing dog creates quite the scramble in Carteret County

Pebbles (Contributed photo)

BEAUFORT, Carteret County - Christina Bocek remembers what Pebbles looked like when she first saw her.

"She was so sweet, she was all wrapped up in a blanket all snuggly and they said she was afraid and needed someone to hold her," Bocek said.

Pebbles was rescued by the Colonial Capital Humane Society from the woods near Cove City, where they believed she was living for nearly two months. Bocek decided to adopt her last Saturday. But as soon as she got home, the dog got loose and slipped under a fence.

"I went around to try and get her but every time i would try to get close she would run off," Bocek said.

She said she's seen Pebbles each day near her backyard but hasn't been able to capture her because of difficulty navigating the marshy terrain. Animal Control has a trap set for her with food inside but she's become too smart for that.

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