Martin Community College audited by state


WILLIAMSTON, Martin County - Martin Community College has a little over a week to submit a plan of action to the state after numerous problems were found through a state audit in November.

Fiscal management was among the top concern the state had with the college. The report states that despite having leftover funds, the school still has equipment, staffing and capital needs that aren't being met.

The Board of Trustee's met earlier this week, but could not come to agreement on a plan of action. They have until Dec. 16 to submit a plan to the state.

"I don't think that we've ever had an issue like this pop up and the financial health of the institution has always been pretty good and there have been a number of audits where nothing was wrong," MCC Director of Public Relations Judy Jennette said.

In the midst of the school problems, the president, Dr. Ann Britt, announced her retirement this week.

The full audit can be found here.

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