Man from Virgin Islands not allowed to fly at New Bern airport

NEW BERN, Craven County - For one man, traveling from New Bern to Ohio is proving to be much more difficult than he thought it would be.

Michael Muller lives in St. John, Virgin Islands. Much of his home was destroyed in hurricanes Irma and Maria. But he was able to connect with friends Laura and Trey McGovern of New Bern.

They invited Muller to come stay with them.

The McGovern's first met Michael on their honeymoon three years ago. Laura was scared something bad had happened to Michael in the storms.

"I literally did not sleep for a week I kept getting up in the middle of the night, checking the roll call hoping his name was going to pop up," said Laura.

Miuller's trip from the Virgin Islands to New Bern was smooth. He presented his government issued ID and was able to board his flight from St. Thomas to Miami, and then Miami to Raleigh, without any issues.

Now, after staying with the McGovern's for close to a month, Michael is trying to get to Cincinnati, Ohio, where he will stay with other friends.

But he's having trouble getting there.

"They're requiring that he had a second form of ID and I said OK, but we were told that it was OK and they said well she didn't mean to say that it was OK," said Laura.

Michael did not have another form of ID with him - only two suitcases filled with clothes. But his flight has now been flagged and he was not able to make his trip.

The McGovern's have been in touch with American Airlines, and have gone back and forth with the airport, but have not gotten anywhere.

Their next step is to contact Virgin Island authorities.

NewsChannel 12 also reached out to Coastal Carolina Regional Airport but was not able to get anyone to comment on the situation.

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