Local teacher plays role in development of US Forest Service museum


HOLLY RIDGE, Onslow County - A local teacher is playing a role in the construction of a national museum being constructed halfway across the country.

Dixon Elementary School teacher Beth Howard was one of six teachers invited to a conference earlier this month hosted by the US Forest Service in Missoula, Montana. The agency was seeking feedback on the museum it is constructing that will detail the history of the agency.

For Howard, who has a particular passion for the outdoors and got to see the original Smokey Bear, it was a no-brainer to attend and lend a hand.

"When I heard about the forest service wanting some teachers to go I said ... 'if I can share the passion for the wilderness and the public land areas with our students and other people so they can enjoy them, I'm in,'" she said.

During her time in Missoula, she worked with the other teachers assembled to create lesson plans and curriculum that can be used not only at the new museum, but all over the world.

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