Local sheriff's office sliced crime rates almost in half for their county


BAYBORO, Pamlico County - The Pamlico County Sheriff's Office just received its crime statistics back -- they've come close to slashing their previous rate numbers in half.

Sheriff Chris Davis and his office have been working hard to clean up Pamlico County. They've made it their mission to cut down on the number of criminals in their area and their most recent statistics show that their efforts are working.

"Just got our numbers back from 2016 and they are quite a bit lower than they have been in the last 10 years," Davis said.

In 2013, the Pamlico County crime index was 347. In 2016, that number dropped to 212. Something else of note, there were zero homicides in Pamlico County last year.

"With these numbers, it really proves that what we are doing here as far as working these high crime areas and really putting an emphasis on getting these drugs off the streets is working as far as it goes with our major crimes," Davis said.

Sheriff Davis said that getting the drugs off the streets is one of his major concerns because it helps to prevent other crimes.

"These same folks that out here driving without a license, these same folks that were out here getting these needles and drug paraphernalia off of, instead of writing them tickets, when it's possible we are taking these folks to jail," Davis said.

Drug crimes also fuel property crimes, officials said. NewsChannel 12 reporters caught up to a victim of one of these crimes from 2012, who said they aren't too worried about it happening again.

"That's not really been a concern with the deputy presence," Steven Jennings of Forrest Farm Supply, said. "On a daily basis we'll see one come by 15 to 20 times. I just think the presence of them in the communities has deterred a lot of the break-ins."

Sheriff Davis said at the rate things are going this year, the Pamlico County Sheriff's Offce is expected to have an even lower crime statistic next year.

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