Local sheriff's office rescues abandoned dogs


MAYSVILLE, Jones County - The Jones County Sheriff, Danny Heath reported he and his deputies discovered a group of abandoned dogs in the Hofmann Forest area in a Facebook alert posted Wednesday.

Heath reported seven Chihuahuas were left near of the forest gates. The following was posted by Heath:

"We went out today to check on a report of several dogs that had been dumped out near one of the Hofmann Forest gates. When we arrived sure enough there were quite a few, 7 Chihuahuas to be exact. We had a time catching them but mainly because they were scared to death. It was a sight to behold, us trying to catch 7 small and very fast little dogs. They not knowing our intentions did not share the idea of getting into our truck. Once we got the last one in the truck they calmed right down. They were friendly and it seemed very grateful that their lots had improved. Some of them had new homes before we got back to the office. Thank you Patricia for all your help! Just let me say, it takes a sorry person to treat animals this way and with any luck I'll get to see you real soon."

If you have any information on the case or would like to adopt a dog contact the Jones County Sheriff's Office.

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