Local restaurant supports patriotism, receives backlash


GREENVILLE, Pitt County - A Facebook post from Tiebreakers Sports Bar and Grill has received a lot of attention. The post states, "Let's take a stand at Tiebreakers. Everyone who stands and places their hand over their heart during the National Anthem will receive a FREE appetizer this Sunday."

Owner Brayom Anderson said the post has gotten more reactions than any other post the restaurant has made. Anderson said he wrote what he did because as a veteran, respecting our country is something he believes in.

Several customers agreed with Anderson.

"We should have respect for our country. There is a price to pay. Some of us pay it. Some of us don't, " said Angelo Guzman, another Veteran who also has a bronze medal.

But many customers at Tiebreakers were not aware of the post. Only one gentleman stood up during the anthem and placed his hand on his heart.

Although the post received many positive comments, there were many who opposed it.

One woman who commented on the post said in a separate statement, " "A true patriot would never divide a group of people based on their beliefs. The owner, in my opinion, is creating division and could've found a better way to make his point."

Anderson is apologetic for the commotion the post has caused and said, " I did not intend that post to create so much controversy, turmoil, throughout this community, and for that, I apologize for that."

He will leave the post up for the rest of the night, but then plans to remove it.