Local entrepreneur helping women through workshop


NEW BERN, Craven County - One New Bern entrepreneur is turning her struggles into inspiration for others. Erica Latrice moved to New Bern five years ago as her life was crumbling to pieces.

"When I first came here I had no job, I was literally starting from scratch, The company I worked for closed and I was going through divorce, it was just so many different challenges," said Latrice.

She took what she learned from battling these obstacles and turned it into a website with advice and tips. Her website become so popular, she turned it into a business called "Be Inspired". Now, she's teaching women how to follow in her footsteps through her workshops.

Her workshop in New Bern featured lessons on how to accomplish goals and follow through on tasks. Women came from all across the country to attend.

"I was a woman who was very much in the shadows and kind of wanted to walk with the head down and my face covered, no one look at me I don't have anything to say. I felt like my voice didn't really matter," said Stacie Gustiuc, who attended the seminar.

After working with Latrice for several months, Gustiuc now runs her own business and has overcome her fear of public speaking. She will be a featured speaker for Latrice's book tour, which will kick off in New Bern in May.

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