Little Leaguers find way to stay cool during heat wave


GREENVILLE, Pitt County - With the majority of Eastern Carolina receiving its first heat advisory, most people ran to the air conditioner or shade.

Not these guys. These 8- and 9-year-olds aren't playing in the Little League World Series. Instead, they are taking part in the Green League Classic Trophy. But while they were all having fun, keeping cool and hydrated were also a big concern. "The ones you see on television are the Little League, which we have a Greenville team, which they are the more competitive players," said Graham Stallings with Greenville Rec and Parks. "But this is for the youth department that we put on for the kids. "Breaks in between, five minute breaks in between, we have subs, we do whatever it takes to make sure these kids are hydrated and cool." The children know it's hot, too, and do their best to stay cool. But it's all about having fun in this hot weather, too. "We have hats on, sunglasses, and it's a part of baseball," said Azi Corbett. Even though the kids don't mind the heat, the coaches say they do their part to beat the heat. "we got a big cooler of ice water every time before they head to the field on defense we throw a little water on them but the main thing is they stay hydrated.