Hundreds attend breakfast to question elected officials


GREENVILLE, Pitt County - The Pitt County Council on Aging focuses on the needs of the area's older population. That's why they brought in elected officials from both the federal and state level for an early morning discussion over breakfast.

It was a packed house in Greenville with nearly 200 people there to listen to their elected officials and voice their own concerns. Congressmen G.K. Butterfield and Walter B. Jones, State Senator Don Davis and State Representatives Greg Murphy and Jean Farmer-Butterfield were there. Senator Thom Tillis sent former Representative Brian Brown in his place.

While everyone in the audience was not a senior citizen, the older population was a main topic.

"Basically my concern is for the senior citizens and how policy affects them and what can be done for them," said Ivory Mewborn, an Ayden resident. That discussion mainly surrounded health care.

"The people are saying we want affordable health care that's what the people are saying," a local community member said during the meeting. The potential repeal of the Affordable Care Act was on a lot of minds, including Congressman G.K. Butterfield's. "I wanted to come today and look you in the face in Pitt County to tell you we got a crisis and to pay attention this week and every week to see what's happening to your health care in this country," G.K. Butterfield said.

A bill in Congress now is the current president's proposal to replace Obamacare. The president said the rates for health insurance will go down if this bill passes and the number of plans available will go up. But not all Republicans are on board, including Jones, who said he will vote no to the bill because not enough research has been done on the impact. The lawmakers could not answer all of the questions because they ran out of time. So they encouraged people to contact them to further discuss the issues.

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